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Fleetville Junior School

Welcome to Spiral Faces at Fleetville Junior school 


We have three clubs run at this site - Breakfast club, Spiral Faces Junior and Spiral Faces Xtra.


Juniors take childen from Year 3 to Year 4. 

Xtra takes childen from Year 5 to Year 6


We provide the following clubs at the Juniors  - Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday Clubs (This may be held at the Infant School).




Breakfast Club in the dining room.



After School Club in the dining room.


3.15pm -6.15pm



Manager :


Team leader Juniors - James Kirkby 


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ailsa Hulme




This child care provision is part of the schools registration



Contact this club 

Juniors Phone - 07720685375


Xtra's Phone - 07734770114 


Email -


To book your place please click here to head to our booking system.




New Entry System


We have installed a new entry system for Faces on the same gate you usually use. This is a camera system which is very secure and also allows us to alleviate having a staff member permanently on the gate .

You will see the  system on the wall. Where the white strip is, there is a button to the left and the right. 

Junior dining room/ Breakfast Club/Year 3/4 After School Club   Please press the Left hand button 

Faces Xtra/Hub  please press the Right hand button


Breakfast Once you press the buzzer we can see you on camera, speak to you and will release the gate to allow your child to enter and come to the dining room

On collection please press the relevant buzzer and we can see you and  speak to you and will then send your child to you and release the gate.

If you need any further  information please speak to James or Helen.

News 19th May

Here's what we've been doing this week at FACES. Wednesday was James' birthday so Sara made a great big birthday cake. Yum! 

We've made the most of the weather this week, playing outside. 




News 14th May

We've been inside this week due to the rainy weather, what's your favourite game?



News 5th May 

What's the best bit about coming to FACES? Hang out with our friends and relaxing, running round the playground playing hide and seek, or a brilliant game of football.


The Golden Rule for everyone at FACES is…

We are kind and respectful, treating others the way we would like to be treated. We will be confident, positive and determined to be the best we can be.