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Radio & TV Summer Camp 2021


We've made the local newspaper with our Radio & TV experience week at Spiral Faces!

Click here to view the article on Herts Advertiser!

Day 1 


We've had a very busy first day @ Spiral Faces!

-Drone flying!
-Planning our questions for our VIP guest tomorrow morning!
-Lunchtime radio club (Live broadcasting)
- Making digital content for our videos
-Creating voice overs using Audacity!

Day 2 


We've had another busy day @ Spiral Faces (Second day)

- Drone flying!
- Practiced our VIP interviews.
- Meet and greet with our VIP guest Derek Martin! Plus one to one pictures with Derek!
- Group interviews with our VIP guest, using our TV studio in the hall! (Pictures below!)
-Lunchtime radio club (Live broadcasting)
-Planning for our location filming shots.


A massive 'thank you' to Derek Martin for coming to us this morning and giving us his time for our TV interviews.


Unfortunately, Derek didn't arrive in his black cab from Eastenders!

Day 3 


Wow! It's been our third day but still another busy day @ Spiral Faces - with our Radio and TV experience week!

- (lots of!) Drone flying!
- This morning we ensured that our planning and story boards were completed for our location filming today.
- Location filming this afternoon at Fleetville Infant School.
- A few of our groups managed to edit their TV interviews with Derek Martin from yesterday!
- Lunchtime radio club (Live broadcasting)
- Interviews recorded ready our Spiral Faces adverts.
- Ensured that new children joining us today were kept in the loop of the groups they were placed in, so not being left out and could put forward their suggestions.

Day 4


Wow! It's been our fourth day but still another busy day Spiral Faces - with our Radio and TV experience week!

- More Drone flying!
- Editing our Derek Martin interviews for our reveal afternoon on Friday. 
- Editing our Faces adverts.
- Filming their interviews with Faces staff and children who attend the clubs.
- Lunchtime radio club (Live broadcasting)


Day 5 


Wow! It's been day five (Friday) but still another busy day Spiral Faces - with our Radio and TV experience week!

- Drone flying!
- This morning the groups ensured their interviews and adverts were finished for the afternoon reveal afternoon.
- We had our afternoon reveal of all the great work each group produced during the week!

Well done to everyone who had taken part as they were all outstanding. We even had a X-Factor theme along with host and judges for the reveal afternoon!